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Dodson International offers thousands of items from virtually every type of aircraft and vendor.


  • Avionics are one of the most needed maintenance and most desired upgrade items.

    Garmin, Honeywell, Bendix, King, L3 Avidyne, Collins, Century, Meggitt and TRT are a few of the manufacturers represented.

    Some available items are for communication, navigation, weather and traffic avoidance, transponders, gyros, analog and digital indicators, autopilot components antennas, etc... Trays,connectors,wiring and/or cable available for most items.

    Climate-controlled storage, professional packaging and shipment are provided.

    Outright or Exchange, overhauled, serviceable or as-removed are available. Ask your salesperson for pricing on your item in various conditions or as an outright or exchange.

    We can provide immediate shipment from our in-stock inventory and offer you the best pricing in the industry! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Extended warranty is often available.

    Thousands of Avionics

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    Garmin Avionics Available

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