Dodson International Parts, Inc. was founded in 1984
to provide quality parts to the Aviation Community.

Immediate shipment and value-based pricing is our mission.

From our origin in Single-Engine General Aviation to Corporate, Rotor-Wing, and Commercial Aircraft, we strive to be your only parts source!

Meet our Sales Staff!


Dodson International employs A&P Mechanics, IA's, Commercial Pilots and other FAA Licensed Personnel to advise and support you. CLICK to learn about our Sales Department. Dodson International is a member of NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association), AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), National Agricultural Aviation Association, PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association) & AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association).

Dodson International is ready to pick-up and dismantle any type of aircraft or any amount of inventory.

Our purchasing department is ready to assist you when you would like to sell any type of aircraft or inventory. With over 60 years combined experience - we can give you a fair and fast quote.

View Photos of our 200,000 sqr. foot warehouse that holds over 5 million parts and resides on 120 Acres. We have dismantled over 3000 aircraft and warranty and traceability is available on most items. There is an excellent chance we have the part you need and can ship it today!

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What Our Customers Say
Thank you for your encouraging words!


"You are knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to help. It gives me great pleasure to work with you guys "
from: a satisfied customer to 2 sales team members.


"You get my business because you work with me, and it is a pleasure dealing with you. I have told (another individual) to also."
from: a satisfied customer to a sales team member.


"First, thank you for taking my call, you were a pleasure to talk to. I have to say many times I call on people in the industry and they are not amenable and friendly like you were, it is very refreshing!"
from: a satisfied customer to a purchasing department team member.


"Thank you for your quick response and effort in shipping our (aircraft) seats... Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We have received the first seat and have completed the required repairs and the airplane is back in action. The owner is happy with the timely repair."
from: a satisfied customer to a sales team member.


"...She is half angel, half magician and materializes aircraft parts like rabbits from a hat."
from: a satisfied customer to a sales team member.


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